The Light of Life

Pastor Jay N. Smith

John 8:12-30

In this passage, Jesus declares that He is the Light of the World, which fulfills Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah and Suffering Servant.  He promises His followers that they will have the Light of Life, but the religious leaders reject Him, and Jesus gives them a stern warning: they will die in their sins – without hope of forgiveness because of their rejection of Jesus.

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Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Pastor Jay N. Smith
John 7:53 – 8:11 – Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Jesus saw through the hypocritical attempt of the Pharisees and scribes to trap Him and instead revealed their sin and, at the same time, demonstrated the grace which He gives to sinners. He who alone is without sin is the One who purchases forgiveness at the cost of His own life.

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Rivers of Living Water

Rivers of Living Water
John 7:32-52
Pastor Jay N. Smith

In the face of opposition and misunderstanding, Jesus graciously offers rivers of living water, a picture of the Holy Spirit, to anyone who comes to Him by faith.

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