At Bethel Baptist Church, we believe that the clear testimony of Scripture points to the church being governed in spiritual affairs by a plurality (more than one) of elders. Elders in plurality include vocational elders, those who earn their living from ministry, and non-vocational elders, those who have occupations outside of the church.


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After earning an MS in Biochemistry, Ray worked for 20 years as a chemist – first at two universities, and then for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  In 1999, he received a call into full-time pastoral ministry at Grace Church of DuPage, where he has served as the Pastor for Missions & Shepherding.  Ray has earned certifications both as Missions Pastor, and in Biblical Counseling (from ACBC – the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors).  Ray & Bobbi have been married for 40 years, they have three grown children and eight grandchildren.  They look forward to a fruitful ministry at Bethel Baptist Church.