What To Expect When You Visit
Bethel Baptist Church

When you visit BBC, you’ll notice that it is a small, warm, friendly church. It is a church that loves Jesus and loves others, and that will be abundantly clear to you.

The worship service at BBC is casual in tone without being irreverent. The elements of our worship are derived from Scripture: Song, Prayer, Teaching, Baptism, Lord’s Supper. The focus of the entire worship service is Jesus Christ, the One who purchased the church with His precious blood. The music is a mix of hymns and contemporary songs, played by one or two people, in a style that could be described as “folksy”. We believe that the Lord allows great liberty in musical style, as long as the words reflect biblical truth and are centered on God and His glory. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly, as we feel that the grace given to us in and through that celebration calls for us to partake each time we are together. There is “Children’s Church” for children 4 years old through 3rd Grade. They are dismissed right before the sermon. The teachings are expositions of Scripture, our only source of authority, and always connect to Christ and the great hope He came to bring in the Gospel. We believe that those who trust in Christ for their salvation should follow Him closely and zealously as Lord, and much of the teaching is an explanation of Scripture’s description of what that looks like in daily life.

We do hope you’d consider joining us to worship Christ some Sunday morning. We trust that you will be edified as Christ Jesus and the glory of the Gospel are held high each Sunday.

And feel free to join us for special events. Many of our members recently visited the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. What an amazing experience! About 6,000 years ago God created the universe and the world in six days – animals, including dinosaurs, and man – all on earth at the same time.


On the following day we visited the largest wooden structure in the world, the replication of Noah’s Ark, the vessel God specified to save the world and all the animals in it.


It was an awesome reminder of God’s infinitely greater work of salvation for all those who believe in Noah’s descendant, Jesus Christ.