How Would We Describe Ourselves?

1.  We Are Focused On Jesus Christ

We believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things.  We believe that the world and everything in it was created to display the glory of Jesus Christ, and the apex of that display occurred two-thousand years ago on a rugged cross and an empty tomb.

2.  We Are Gospel-Centered

We are in awe of the fact that God the Father would send His Son, Jesus Christ, to take on human flesh and absorb His just wrath for sin on our behalf, and three days later be raised by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross, we are no longer God’s enemy.  Because He was raised from the dead, we no longer need to fear death.  In fact death is now gain, as we get to be in Christ’s presence forever because of what He did for us.  We just can’t get over that.

3.  We Are Word-Saturated

We believe that the Bible is the very word of God, breathed-out to the human writers by the Holy Spirit, and in the Bible we get a true view of who God is, who we are, and God’s great plan to redeem sinners through the death of Jesus Christ.  Since we are so blessed to have the words of God, we study it, read it, and seek to live it out in our lives fervently.

4.  We Are Community-Driven

We believe that God has purposed the local church to be a community where we are joyfully transparent, zealously loving, and constantly serving one another, all for the glory of Jesus Christ.

5.  We Are On A Mission

We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is so good we can’t keep it to ourselves!  Therefore we seek to make the forgiveness found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ known to all whom the Lord is pleased to put in our lives through the telling of this great news, and loving, sacrificial service to their souls.